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Help For Sensory Challenges, Paperback Copy

  • Bonus 1: Free Audio Download

    Finally! Some clarity on how hypersensitivity starts!


    • Learn the Hidden Stories Behind Difficult Behavior!
    • This bonus interview audio of Dr. Annie Brook can make you feel less crazy as a parent!
    • It could explain why your child became hypersenstive in the first place,
    • plus suggestions that can bring relief to your and your family.
  • Free Parenting PDF download

    • If you’re constantly bribing your child to behave well, you are teaching them bad habits that will become problems for you later on.
    • Be a better parent, (meaning less exhausted!) and help your child learn to enjoy some limits.
    • I teach this to parents all the time! It works!  
  • Bonus 3: Want Better Communication with Your Spouse?

    Parenting a hypersenstive kid can grind away at the ease with your spouse.

    • Find out a better way to become aware of your inner reactions
    • Get to the bottom of why you are not getting what you want.
    • Break communication into digestible bites
    • Clear out emotional backlog.


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