4 Day Intensives

Are you struggling with a business,

family, or personal issue?

It just won't go away no matter how hard you have tried!

Our 4 day intensives produce results.

They help solve deep personal issues that show up professionally or with your family:

  • ​Business Executives
  • Company owners
  • Couples and Families

Download specific information here (be sure to ck your download folder)


You are smart enough to already have reached out to professionals and still the problem lingers. Don't default to an agonizing inner life where you go numb, escape to fantasy, or simply feel overwhelmed every single day with worry or despair.

  • Professional issues that loop over to family life
  • CEO and management personal/personnel issues
  • Business-family related decisions
  • Problems with your spouse
  • Teens struggling with emotions, social, and self regulation issues
  • Children filled with fear, or controlling behaviors


Cross over to Business Consulting

Annie has worked with CEO's and Business Managers referred by Robin Sharma, Joe Polish, Eben Pagan, and Annie Lalla, as well as serving as a co-consultant team for a million dollar family owned business with a Deloit consultant. Family owned business are a unique niche, and Annie (with her Deloit colleague, Michelle) has worked with million dollar companies. 

. . .

Annie's background prepares her to work from a depth level that addresses business work relationships, the complexity of family businesses, the integration of healthy family life and parenting, and the earliest experiences for children or adults where identity beliefs and coping mechanisms were formulated. 


She has helped a wide range of people; Business Executives, Company owners, and Parents to solve deep personal issues that showed up professionally or with their family. People got relief from worry, depression, or the numbness that leaves one thinking about a divorce or wishing they could "divorce" from their child!


If you feel exasperated enough, or simply ready for the deeper level in inquiry and problem solving, why not get to the roots of issues in a way that engages body, intellect, emotions, and your own deeper knowing.  Click here for information on setting up an intensive with Annie.


Intensives are a "time out of time" to drop in, find the core, and tease out double bind thinking, behaviors, and expressions that get in the way in real life. 


Intensives can also help people who do not live in the Boulder Colorado area to have a chance to work 1:1 with Annie.

Intensives are a deep dive that brings satisfying results. Get to the core and book yours today


Download specific information here (be sure to check your download folder)

We treat the “earliest memory” which includes difficult birth imprints.


We look for cycles of behavior related to these first impressions as well as behaviors driven by traumatic events, loss, divorce, relocations and extended family pressures.

feedback from a Mom...(Mother who flew in for a 4 day intensive with her teenage boy)


“I had a difficult pregnancy with my youngest child, Brady, fifteen years ago, including surgery for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, the loss of a twin, and Brady’s premature birth and complicated medical history as a result.  Despite those early challenges, Brady has generally been healthy since then.  However, In his teen years, he began to struggle with what ended up being diagnosed as anxiety and PTSD symptoms.  A friend encouraged me to reach out to Annie for help.


I have to admit that I was hesitant at first, and it felt like a big leap of faith.  I’m so glad we took that leap, flew to Colorado, and were able to work with Annie on an intensive basis for four days.  It truly was life changing for both Brady and me.


In her kind and open way, Annie helped us revisit those early experiences and give context for some of the things my son had been struggling with.  Although the work was emotional and sometimes exhausting, Annie made it feel very safe and even fun.  Brady learned some wonderful tools to help him deal with triggering situations when he returned home, and he’s been feeling so much better and able to cope with the challenges of everyday life since then.  It was extremely helpful for me as well, both personally and as a mother.  We are both so happy that we had the opportunity to work with Annie, and will forever be grateful to her for her help.”  (mother who attended a 4 day with her son).   MR


feedback from a teen...(who flew in for a 4 day intensive)


"Before I came to meet Annie, I was struggling with difficult emotions that caused me to become overwhelmed. Although I had a support system in place, it felt as though something was missing: a way to understand why I would become overwhelmed by small disappointments. I didn't know before coming that my reactions could be caused by the trauma I had faced as an infant and had not fully processed. Annie helped me understand and move past those experiences in a way that allowed me to make sense of emotional or sensory overload on my own. She used various therapy methods like movement in a warm pool and a circus center, restorative exercise in a Kaiut yoga studio and a gyrotonics studio, and movement games in addition to time in her office. What I learned while working with her became an important part of my routine, and I know it will help me for the rest of my life."   Brady (age 15)

The first step in getting relief is contacting

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Work is personally tailored, safe and effective. Unlike Hakomi, SME, EMDR and biodynamic cranial work, The Brook Institute brings a unique movement re-patterning aspect to treatment. Clients learn to perceive anew, and to heal from the inside out!

Sessions for Adults

Depression and Anxiety, Anger, Hidden Fears, Shame, Procrastination, PTSD and Birth Trauma

Sessions for Kids

Difficult Child Behavior, Sensory-Motor Issues, Birth Trauma, Attachment Problems

Sessions for Adoptive Parents

Learn how to break the Frustration Despair Cycle.

Sessions for Couples

You can rescue your relationship with: Conflict resolution, Stress Reduction, Intimacy Skills



Books, ebooks, audio, DVD, online courses, and individual online session support

  • Books

    We offer variety of resource books for parents, therapists and educators. 

  • DVD'S

    Learn by watching. DVD's are an excellent way to learn movement patterns and train your brain. For parents, movement educators, and adults.

  • Online 1:1 Sessions

    We offer online one on one client sessions for those that cant make it into our Boulder office. 

  • Online Courses

    Our 9 Modulle Online Program integrates Somatic Attachment and Birth's Hidden Legacy. For Manual Therapists, OT’s, PT’s, and Psychotherapists.

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