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Are you trapped in the "destructive behavior cycle?"


  • Feel discouraged or disappointed in yourself or in life
  • Have the therapies you’ve tried up to this point failed?
  • Create impossible or unrealistic goals
  • Are frequently confused, lost, or defensive
  • Flicker in and out of staying focused and lose your way
  • Turn to sex or substances to take the pressure off, or bring “insight”
  • Are you frequently angry?

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Is your relationship with your spouse or work suffering?



The key is breaking the worry/analysis/response cycle. Excessive mental analysis, excessive worry, or even meditative stillness can rob the life force needed for change. 


I am confident you are smart enough. But, early experience sets up habits or “behavior rhythms” in the primitive brain. These happen before we can think, and they repeat under stress. Nothing interrupts the primitive brain’s insistence that it is “right and accurate.” We revert to these rhythms and the worry/analysis/response cycle starts. It is driven by the brain, and needs to be felt and understood in order to change.


How do I get to Normal?



The answer is to first understand your early imprints and how your brain responds to modern day stressors based on early events. Precognitive events, called implicit memories, are stored in the file cabinet of your brain. These imprints color your perception and drive the very behaviors you are trying to change.


The pain in your brain is fear

Early fears based on a perceived lack of protection or support during early experience lurk in the body memory. Healing happens when we confront and resolve them. Fear links behavior, and we don’t change because we are afraid to feel the fear underneath. The fear remains trapped in the brain. What to do?

Bad behaviors are inner stories trying to be told. They test you to see if you will listen rather than escape from discomfort. Escaping creates self-abandonment and forces the primitive brain back into its’ habits. You feel like you “have to” do that behavior, and it is “smart” to do so. Nothing could be further from the truth.


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Learn to listen to Birth Trauma and Early Experience

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We Can Help You “Change Your Brain to Change the Pain”

Here are five things you can do to interrupt the destructive behavior cycle that leads to obsession or procrastination.  We can help you heal it.

  1. When upset, stop in your tracks and breathe
  2. Avoid your normal response
  3. Listen for sensation and befriend it
  4. Slow down your thought process and allow the wave of worry to pass
  5. Learn to identify and break the destructive behavior cycle in a controlled supportive environment


Breaking the Destructive Behavior Cycle

In our practice we’ve rescued couples, individuals, and careers, and had success in breaking this cycle. Our treatment methods include:

  1. Identify the destructive “early identity” beliefs
  2. Bring your deep-seated fears to the surface “I am unloveable, you will leave me, if I only work harder, I don’t deserve to”
  3. Help your brain regulate sensation and respond normally
  4. Acknowledge emotions and link those emotions to early needs for protection and connection.
  5. Metabolize through the body the early event so the brain relaxes

We do this protocol in a structured environment that develops the special skills you need to stabilize and enjoy life’s challenges



Here’s what people are saying about our services:

“I am not really sure how Annie does it, but she looks at the whole person, the body, their behaviors, and spirit. Taking all into consideration, she is able to get to the cause of their pain.”


Begin Your Path To Recovery

  • Commitment of 10 months, 3/sessions/month plus progress evaluations (45 hours)
  • Attend one hour Zoom or phone progress evaluation (every 2 months)
  • Send in simple email progress notes between sessions
  • Stay with the process and address difficulties in person
  • Be open to feedback and support
  • Read educational materials provided around shock and trauma

We treat the “earliest memory” which includes difficult birth imprints. We treat complex trauma. We support learning to play and find resilience.


We look for cycles of behavior related to these first impressions as well as behaviors driven by traumatic events, loss, divorce, relocations and extended family pressures.

Sessions for Adults

Depression and Anxiety, Anger, Hidden Fears, Shame, Procrastination, PTSD and Birth Trauma

Sessions for Kids

Difficult Child Behavior, Sensory-Motor Issues, Birth Trauma, Attachment Problems

Sessions for Adoptive Parents

Learn how to break the Frustration Despair Cycle.

Sessions for Couples

You can rescue your relationship with: Conflict resolution, Stress Reduction, Intimacy Skills

The first step in getting relief is contacting

us today! 

Work is personally tailored, safe and effective. Unlike Hakomi, SME, EMDR and biodynamic cranial work, The Brook Institute brings a unique movement re-patterning aspect to treatment. Clients learn to perceive anew, and to heal from the inside out!



Books, ebooks, audio, DVD, online courses, and individual online session support

  • Books

    We offer variety of resource books for parents, therapists and educators. 

  • DVD'S

    Learn by watching. DVD's are an excellent way to learn movement patterns and train your brain. For parents, movement educators, and adults.

  • Online 1:1 Sessions

    We offer online one on one client sessions for those that can't make it into our Boulder office. 

  • Online Courses

    Our 9 Modulle Online Program integrates Somatic Attachment and Birth's Hidden Legacy. For Manual Therapists, OT’s, PT’s, and Psychotherapists.

“We have been working with Annie for about 4 months now. I have 2 adopted girls from China, who both carry some deep seated issues from their earliest of days. Some of the issues are abandonment, rejection, traumatic birth and neglect. The manifestation of these issues is not necessarily looked at by Western medicine. They are often just noted as behavioral issues or general learning disabilities.


We moved to Boulder almost 7 years ago and my husband and I both grew up with the practice of Western Medicine and a bit of support from Psychologists. Here in Boulder there are many choices for alternative, touchy feely, out there options. I have to say I was a skeptic. We have tried The Sensory Learning Program, but it did not work for us. We have tried psychologists but it was not right for our kid. Hearing about Annie’s work, again I had my doubts.  But parents will try what they can for their kids.


I am not really sure how Annie does it, but she looks at the whole person, the body, their behaviors, and spirit. Taking all into consideration, she is able to get to the cause of their pain.


Through reflex work, story and play, Annie connects with the girls and works with us to heal their hurt. She is very intuitive and her soft gentle energy has helped us all connect. It makes sense to me now and it is working. We still have a long way to go, but there are signs of healing.”


Mother of two adoptive daughters

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