Books by Annie Brook

Birth's Hidden Legacy: Vol 1

How Surprising Beliefs From Infancy Limit Successful Child and Adult Behavior

A must have manual for therapists, as well as a practical reference for parents and adults. Helps you to:

  • Locate the "Hidden Stories beneath Difficult Behaviors."
  • Learn the themes of prenatal, birth, and early attachment.
  • Identify the impact of early experience; how it encodes into beliefs and behaviors of infants, children, and adults.
  • Enjoy writing that is clear, concise, and simple to use.
  • Identifies need shock, power struggles, and prenatal memory
  • Follow the developmental timeline for ease of treatment and application.
  • Ten Case Studies show application and clinical progression treatment of behaviors shaped by perinatal events.
  • Apply to work with children, couples, and adults.
  • Address issues of ineffective behavior, cyclic patterns of despair or addiction, internalized beliefs, and recurring accidents
  • Learn how behavior templates form, traceable to earliest pre-cognitive somatic experiences.

Birth's Hidden Legacy: Vol 2

Treat Earliest Origins of Shock and Attachment Trauma in

Adults, Children, and Infants

  • In-depth skills that therapists need for work with children and adult clients at the body story, perinatal level.
  • Excellent theory-based understandings and implications.
  • Simple to follow Neuroscience, Attachment Theory, and Interventions that get results.
  • Address issues of power struggles, need shock, and double bind behaviors formed in the developing brain and bodymind.
  • Filled with pictures, treatment maps, and charts.
  • Entire chapter devoted to body re-patterning interventions.
  • Clear trauma treatment applications; learn the difference between shock and trauma and how to treat.
  • Learn the ANS dissociative differences and how to help clients.

Birth's Hidden Legacy Bundle

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