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From Conception to Crawling 3 DVD Set​

A Best Practices Audio & Visual Learning Format

Learn by watching. Then practice following Annie’s voice. This DVD 3 disc set is an excellent way to learn these movement patterns and train your brain. For parents, movement educators, and adults.


Observe students guided through a progression of movement patterns and reflexes. Observe Annie working with infants. Detailed instructions and explanations of each exercise make it simple to use. Develop core integration, learn to cross your brain’s midline to improve reading skills, coordination, and improve balance. Re-pattern birth and infant trauma through touch and movement.


Disc 1: Prenatal Movements and Developmental Patterns
Superb movement integration for dance, athletics, and health. Find fluidity, strength, and structural support. Gain practice in patterns that repair injury, enhance movement efficiency, and develop core strength.


Disc 2: Sessions with Babies
Learn the movement language of infants. Discover how to attune, pace and help babies. View sessions that repair non-supportive crawling patterns


Disc 3: Primitive Reflexes and Equilibrium Responses
Reflexes are the alphabet of movement. They awaken dull tissue and interrupt non-effective movement. Use them to awaken the nervous system and practice engaging the building blocks under complex movement.

The Hidden Stories Behind Difficult Behaviors (MP3 audio file)

Help Children Overcome Behavior Problems 
Get to the root of difficult behavior. Help children relax and settle. Learn how behavior is an expression of arousal states in the brain, and why kids act out.


Learn How Early Experiences Imprint in the Brain and Drive Difficult Behavior
Annie Brook speaks to child experience. Her clinical examples demonstrate clearly how the body impressions related to birth and attachment show up in behavior. She shares her treatment methods and how to “listen” to the “telling” of such stories. Being able to recognize the early stories that live inside your child’s brain helps them to find relief, and helps them settle, focus, and learn more easily.


This MP3 audio file is for people wanting to understand people! Parents who struggle with a child’s behavior, teachers with difficult students, therapists to really help clients, and daycare workers helping children. Use this unique perspective to enjoy working with children at a deeper level, and to make parenting easier and more rewarding!


This MP3 audio file has interview questions with Dr. Brook. She helps you to:

  • Understand nameless fears and activations of your child
  • Help your child self-regulate
  • How to reduce residual shock and trauma in your child
  • Find greater ease in parenting difficulties
  • Dismantle fear imprints in your child’s imagination and body
  • Help your child integrate and process their birth experience



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    We offer variety of resource books for parents, therapists and educators. 

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    Learn by watching. DVD's are an excellent way to learn movement patterns and train your brain. For parents, movement educators, and adults.

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    We offer online one on one client sessions for those that cant make it into our Boulder office. 

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    Our 9 Modulle Online Program integrates Somatic Attachment and Birth's Hidden Legacy. For Manual Therapists, OT’s, PT’s, and Psychotherapists.

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