About Annie


Ph.D. in Perinatal and Somatic Psychology, Human Sexuality and Development

Dual MA in Family Systems Therapy/Organizational Development           with specialty in Conflict Resolution

BA in Somatic Psychology


Post Graduate Certifications

  • Psychotherapy

    • Healing Ourselves (4 yr training in: BioEnergetics, Neo-Reichian breathwork, Gurdjieff Eneagram, Transactional Analysis​, & Group Process.
    • Psychodrama
    • Body-Mind Psychotherapy (Susan Aposhyan)
    • Pre and Perinatal Therapy  (David Sawyer and Myrna Martin)
  • Manual Therapy Certifications

    • Body-Mind Centering Teacher® (registered service mark Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen & BMCA. Used with permission)
    • Cranial Sacral 
    • Visceral Manipulation 
  • Vocal Studies

  • Movement Theater and Embodiment

    • Playback Theater
    • Action Theater (Ruth Zapora)
    • Motivity (Terry Sendgraff)
    • Amerta Movement (Suprapto Suryadamo)
    • Red Nose Clown (Giovani)
  • Movement Education

    • Body-Mind Centering Teacher
    • Contact Improvisation teacher & author
    • Kaiut Yoga Instructor
    • Jin Gui Chi Gung (17 years)
    • Gyrotonic®&Gyrokinesis® instructor (registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp, used with permission)
  • Meditation Training

    • Minister with Heartsong Church (5 years as Sufi based meditation teacher)
    • Certified Tantra teacher
    • Rutherford  Loneman  (Arapaho Native Elder)
    • ​Lar Short (Grace Essence Fellowship)


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