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Annie Brook,  Ph.D, LPC, RSME (ISMETA), Body-Mind Centering teacher, is a therapist in high regard in the Somatic community. Her unique experiential approach gets lasting results.


  • Annie has worked as...

a therapist in public schools, Children’s Hospital Child Trauma centers in Oakland and Seattle, as former Director of Body Psychotherapy, MA Somatic Program, at Naropa University, and co-owns Colorado Therapies. She has learned to help those in the most difficult situations, such as abused foster children, adopted children and their families, and gang youth. Annie understands families, development, and health.


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Methods  Annie blends psychotherapy, sensory-motor neuroscience/cognition, play therapy, early bonding attachment, Body-Mind Centering, cranial sacral, touch/movement education, and perinatal therapy to offer lasting results.



  • ​Depth psychotherapist: Exquisitely trained somatic therapist, helps discover and repair the true root of issues.
  • Author, somatic books on birth trauma, adoption, attachment, relationships and more!
  • Conference Presenter & Public Speaker: International and national conference presenter, over 3 decades experience
  • Co-owner of Colorado Therapies
  • Educator for professional therapists (psychotherapy, family therapy, play therapy, couples therapy, infant development, movement educators/artists).
  • Consultant for Family owned businesses

Personal Annie has also worked in the real world. She built a log cabin in Maine, was a stoneware potter in Scotland, worked on a cattle ranch in Wyoming, and on commercial fishing boats in Alaska and Cape Cod to pay for her education. Along with her love for clinical psychotherapy work, Annie possesses a spirit of adventure. Her joie de vivre is palpable and a pleasure to be around. She is often asked what she does to stay so healthy! Click here for Annie's Health Practices...


Currently  Annie spends a majority of her time in Boulder, Colorado and is still actively publishing, speaking, and teaching others about the benefits of Somatic Practice. In her free time Annie loves nature time, painting, movement performance art, and songwriting.


Ph.D. in Perinatal and Somatic Psychology, Human Sexuality and Development

Dual MA in Family Systems Therapy/Organizational Development           with specialty in Conflict Resolution

BA in Somatic Psychology


USABP (Association for Body Psychotherapy)
Body-Mind Centering® Association
APPPAH (Birth Psychology resources and membership)

ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association). Annie is a Registered Movement Educator (RSME)

Post Graduate Certifications

Annie is trained in many cross disciplines, which is why her methods are so effective. She has complemented her formal education with certifications and training in movement, manual therapies, art, and developmental psychology

  • Psychotherapy

    • Healing Ourselves (4 yr training in: BioEnergetics, Neo-Reichian breathwork, Gurdjieff Eneagram, Transactional Analysis​, & Group Process.
    • Psychodrama
    • Body-Mind Psychotherapy (Susan Aposhyan)
    • Pre and Perinatal Therapy  (David Sawyer and Myrna Martin)
  • Manual Therapy Certifications

    • Body-Mind Centering Teacher® (registered service mark Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen & BMCA. Used with permission)
    • Cranial Sacral 
    • Visceral Manipulation 
  • Vocal Studies

  • Movement Theater and Embodiment

    • Playback Theater
    • Action Theater (Ruth Zapora)
    • Motivity (Terry Sendgraff)
    • Amerta Movement (Suprapto Suryadamo)
    • Red Nose Clown (Giovani)
  • Movement Education

    • Body-Mind Centering Teacher
    • Contact Improvisation teacher & author
    • Kaiut Yoga Instructor
    • Jin Gui Chi Gung (17 years)
    • Gyrotonic®&Gyrokinesis® instructor (registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp, used with permission)
  • Meditation Training

    • Minister with Heartsong Church (5 years as Sufi based meditation teacher)
    • Certified Tantra teacher
    • Rutherford  Loneman  (Arapaho Native Elder)
    • ​Lar Short (Grace Essence Fellowship)


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