Birth Trauma Healing: Unraveling the earliest imprints  

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below are some quotes about birth is not a "new" field of therapy...

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"We can understand the anxiety mechanism,

which is repeated almost unaltered in cases of phobia

(claustrophobia, fear of railways, tunnels, traveling, etc)

as the unconscious reproduction of the anxiety at birth...

-Otto Rank, The Trauma of Birth, 1924

birth trauma healing

How do I access those patterns if I can't remember my birth?

No worries here; your body remembers. We call this cellular memory.

Try this experiment:

Imagine you could hear your prenate or youngest self.

  1. Imagine them in the womb. What would they say? 
  2. Imagine them during your birth? What do they want or say there?
  3. Now imagine them post-birth. What are they "deciding" about if the world is safe and they are going to get their needs met?
  4. How does this template of thought and belief show up in your life now?


Birth Trauma

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

1. How many times does the live course meet? Do I have to make all classes?

This is only offered a few times a year and has a definite start date. 

You can select to be on the "hot seat" for a personal session viewed by the group

You can ask supervision or personal questions, even parenting questions

How difficult is the homework? What if I can't keep up?

2. What is the difference between the Live and Self-pace programs?

One difference is price, the other is having personal guidance (see above)

Both the live with Annie and the self-paced evergreen course start with the basics. You get access to the Healing Birth Trauma membership site. That is filled with resources! 9 videos, reflection assignments, plus bonus practices, plus Annie's From Conception to Crawling DVD showing the developmental movements and primitive reflexes with adults and children. 

3. Can I change my mind and join the live course after I already started the Self-Paced program?

Yes! Annie wants you to get your needs met. However, it only starts a few times a year.

You will simply upgrade your existing membership through the website. Your already purchased Self-Paced course fee is subtracted from the Live total, and once you pay the difference, you can join the next Live Group start date.

4. Are there any refunds?

No. If you need to drop out of the course, you may (with permission) be allowed to take the next course.

4. Can I get CEU's? 

Not directly from the Brook Institute. However, you can present the course completion certificate to any program and see if they will accept toward your CEU requirements. 

Get to the Core of Therapeutic Work

Unlike Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, or Bodywork trainings, Healing Birth Trauma and Somatic Attachment Training integrates all the body systems and movement practices to re-pattern the nervous system.


Re-patterning experiences, re-informing the nervous system and emotions, not just sensing, tracking, or releasing is an essential support for development. This direct experience in the body builds new neural pathways in the brain.


Psychotherapists and movement educators can integrate this work directly into their practice. You will learn to digest and integrate early experiences that set up a primitive brain template for defensive or collapsed responses to stress. 


Unhelpful thought patterns related to past traumas are released at the core of identity. Body structure is refined, emotional activation decreases, and alignment of self with bodymind occurs.

Have a cognitive treatment map!


  • Know what you are treating (shock or trauma)
  • Identify complex perinatal themes
  • Know how to design the best interventions for your clients
  • Prepare your office to treat experientially
  • Generate a felt-sense of safety in your clients
  • Make neuroscience useful in your body-based interventions
  • Identify enmeshment, character styles, and object relations themes 
  • Stay regulated yourself when clients are struggling
  • Practical kinesthetic science and movement interventions

"After completing Annie’s first 2-year training (2006-2008) with my husband, during which time our first child was born, I not only could incorporate the learnings into being a more skilled, attachment-based therapist, but also into both healing my own early attachment wounds, and being a more confident, first-time parent.


I was so intrigued by this work that I pursued a PhD in Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health, assisted Annie in her second offered training, and focused my private practice on working with both expectant and new families, and individuals working with early attachment and trauma challenges.


The training is wholly transformative on the physical, mental, and emotional levels, inviting the kind of learning that can only be described as inside-out – as in from the cells-outward. Annie is a true master – of the body, of holding the field of a group’s process, and of understanding the material at a depth born of a lifetime of study and work – and she has been a trusted mentor for me for many years."


Stephanie Duger, PhD

Child and Family Therapist


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join our

Engaged online learning program 

Birth's Trauma Healing; unraveling the earliest imprints

9 Training Modules

Each module gives you a blend of video trainings and somatic exercises.  


The program dives deep into: 

  • Experiential Learning of Birth Themes
  • Body Resources to Help Clients Regulate
  • Complex behaviors and their origins
  • Self-attack thinking, False Self Constructs, and Dysfunctional Behavior 

Live Q and A with Annie's expertise when you sign up for the live online training (higher price, personal attention, set schedule)

Annie will answer questions around your own personal progress and program content. You may choose a "hot seat" personal session during a class.


It's a great opportunity to learn from Annie, interact with peers, and gain a deeper understanding of this rich work.


Questions are sent via the closed membership site ahead of time and answered on our live calls. All calls will be recorded and uploaded to the membership site for future listening. 

Facebook Group

Enjoy Community Support!


Our Facebook closed group helps you see how others from the course are integrating the work and share your journey together.


In this group, you can get extra support from your peers between modules and explore applications of theory. 


This Facebook group is a voluntary participation, and while not a requirement of the program, has been very helpful as an integration of this material.  

Course Bonus Gifts from Annie for You! 

Annie wants you to be a great therapist.

You will get...

  • Pre Vertebral Pattern Demo

    Theory plus visuals! The best way to learn. Watch Annie demonstrate and discuss, then use for your own  inside out learning practice. 


  • 3 Body Systems Yoga Practices

    Based on Annie's somatic wisdom in clinical work, and her experiences as a Body-Mind Centering teacher.  Includes clinical applications for clients. 


    • Sensing/moving the Bones 
    • Sensing/moving the Muscles 
    • Sensing/moving the Organs 
  • 3 Grounding Visualizations

    • Golden Light Clearing

    • Body Scan

    • Regroup after Difficult Client Session


  • Supplemental Articles by Annie Brook

    Increase your knowledge and skills. Cutting edge theory and new ideas for applications to clients, based on Annie's over 3 decades of clinical experience!

"Annie Brook, Ph.D. has been studying somatic psychotherapy for 35 years and pre & perinatal psychology for 25 years. Birth’s Hidden Legacy is an extensive overview of the field of prenatal and birth psychology. In great detail, it reviews the profound and varying effects that this formative period can have on later life. With numerous case studies, Dr. Brook illustrates treatment techniques to bring about change. Birth’s Hidden Legacy is a great addition in an emerging field. It contains decades of knowledge synthesized from her own work and others, and makes this available in a coherent, easy to read format for all."


David Sawyer

Pre and Perinatal Therapist and Educator



From anywhere in the world, wherever you are.

Program Modules are delivered through on-line learning videos and live Q&A's.


The Births Hidden Legacy Program live with Annie starts every fall and spring. 

9 in depth Modules with worksheets and exercises

  • 9 Module Transcripts and audio downloads for your convenience
  • 9 live Q&A's with Annie Brook

"The benefits of having completed Annie's BodyMind Somanautics training continue to grow, even years later. I was most impacted by the training by witnessing Annie's unwavering trust in the body's natural wisdom and ability to heal, on all levels. This has been such a gift for me in my private practice and how I hold a client's healing journey with and through a body-based-lens. 


Since the training, I have had 2 unmedicated home births. My ability to trust my body and my babies' bodies during the birth processes has roots in the Somanautics training. These are some of the most powerful and precious memories I hold in my heart, mind, and body, and I am eternally grateful for Annie's influence on my path as a mother, as well as a therapist."


Jill Dawson, MA, LPC


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