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Sensory Games to Rewire The Brain

Bring Relief to parents with Sensory Challenged children

Finally,  a way to help those sensory challenged kids! Teach mom’s games they can play at home that will help their child regulate.  This book is filled with simple specific exercises that work with the special senses of the face and head, plus the building blocks of proprioception, tactile, vestibular.

After working with a mom with 3 delightful girls, (who were a handful) I knew I had to write something parent friendly that would bring some relief to home life. This book does just that. The girls learned to play these games together, and Mom started to see a real difference in their ability to settle and interact.

Please, share with your friends and those families that could use a little less effort in their parenting. It’s a hard enough job as it is, sensory challenges can make it a nightmare.

Years of clinical research and support with families and children has helped me understand from the inside out what's needed.


  • Proprioception: how to feel weight and pressure in order to stay grounded and centered
  • Tactile: Getting the skin to “touch back,” not just contract.
  • Movement from the periphery to the core and back. Developing an inside and an outside awareness
  • Ability to shift attention. Helps with transitions and timing.
  • Measuring from self to other, self to object, self to a place in the room.
  • Enjoy the benefits!

    no more melt downs, a child who can focus without sensory distractions, and more ease in parenting!

Birth's Hidden Legacy: Vol 1

How Surprising Beliefs From Infancy Limit Successful Child and Adult Behavior

A must have manual for therapists, as well as a practical reference for parents and adults. Helps you to:

  • Locate the "Hidden Stories beneath Difficult Behaviors."
  • Learn the themes of prenatal, birth, and early attachment.
  • Identify the impact of early experience; how it encodes into beliefs and behaviors of infants, children, and adults.
  • Enjoy writing that is clear, concise, and simple to use.
  • Identifies need shock, power struggles, and prenatal memory
  • Follow the developmental timeline for ease of treatment and application.
  • Ten Case Studies show application and clinical progression treatment of behaviors shaped by perinatal events.
  • Apply to work with children, couples, and adults.
  • Address issues of ineffective behavior, cyclic patterns of despair or addiction, internalized beliefs, and recurring accidents
  • Learn how behavior templates form, traceable to earliest pre-cognitive somatic experiences.

Birth's Hidden Legacy: Vol 2

Treat Earliest Origins of Shock and Attachment Trauma in

Adults, Children, and Infants

  • In-depth skills that therapists need for work with children and adult clients at the body story, perinatal level.
  • Excellent theory-based understandings and implications.
  • Simple to follow Neuroscience, Attachment Theory, and Interventions that get results.
  • Address issues of power struggles, need shock, and double bind behaviors formed in the developing brain and bodymind.
  • Filled with pictures, treatment maps, and charts.
  • Entire chapter devoted to body re-patterning interventions.
  • Clear trauma treatment applications; learn the difference between shock and trauma and how to treat.
  • Learn the ANS dissociative differences and how to help clients.

Ebook: Aquatic Therapy and Body-Mind Centering

Massage and Manual Therapists love working in warm water.

  • Offer more sessions without more strain on your body.
  • Blend easy to understand skills with state of the art somatic therapy in warm water.
  • Apply Attachment Therapy skills to organize and release states of shock and trauma.


    This leading edge book is filled with interventions, skills for solid footwork and floating clients, plus the relational mind set to support perinatal attachment work in warm water.

Annie has over 15 years of treating clients in warm water (infants to adults) and can attest to how healing warm water sessions are. They go deep into the bodymind & support changes for clients of all ages. 

The Developing Infant

A guide to Infant Health and Well Being

You want the best for your baby. Whether you are a parent, movement educator, or day-care worker, this book is for you. Babies “think” with their bodymind and grow their brains with crawling.

  • Month by month development
  • Hands on tools to help baby
  • Clear theory of development

Your baby already “knows” how to crawl. But difficult births, or not being allowed on the “tummy time” position interrupt this development.

  • Learn infant developmental actions
  • Have more fun with baby when you know their movement language.
  • You can help! Use hands on support to help your baby grow

Baby’s crawling prepares them to succeed in school and sports

  • Infants who crawl are more coordinated
  • Handle stress better
  • Can adapt and learn with less frustration
  • Will be happier and more content

Increase your skills, be more present, and help babies release distress patterns. Use developmental movement to support infant brain and bodymind learning.

From Conception To Crawling​

Crawling shapes the Brain!

A valuable tool for movement educators, parents, therapists, dancers and athletes!~ Also for brain injury repair.

  • Learn primitive reflexes to open frozen movement pathways
  • Think developmentally for full understanding of bodymind
  • Learn why finding Satisfaction is a bodymind skill
  • Repair patterns from a difficult birth, premature birth, or C-section.
  • Interrupt “scooching,” “army crawling,” or asymmetrical use of limbs.
  • Shape sensory motor learning.
  • In conjunction with a three-video set (available at Annie Brook's website) the book provides detailed instructions and explanations of each exercise and its role in re-patterning birth and infant trauma, and enhancing integration and connection to the body.


Writing Is Clear, With Useful Illustrations And Pictures From Conception to Crawling is a must gift for new parents! A wonderful gift to all of us who are interested in re-patterning imprinting from early trauma. “The concepts and exercises she presents are readily available and tremendously useful.” – Raymond Castellino, D.C., R.P.P.

Contact Improvisation & Body-Mind Centering;

A Manual for Teaching & Learning Movement​

In this manual for both teaching and learning contact movement skills, readers learn to find creative approaches to awakening the body. Playful exercises for solos, pairs, and groups of dancers offer the physical support that allows emotional distress to sequence out of the body. Dancers learn to enhance their own sense of flow through the movement of an improvisational mind.

Ebook: The Adoptive Parents Handbook

Don't let adoption destroy your marriage, existing family, or your sanity.


Deal with the inconsistency and fear that ives inside the adopted child's psyche.

  • Learn to de-escalate
  • Interrupt latent power struggles
  • Understand the "bad mother" projection
  • Help them get off the fear/power triangle


Adopted Child Behaviors can be Challenging, Inconsistent, and Hurtful

Do you find yourself struggling as an adoptive parent? Are you tired of feeling isolated and discouraged? We know how much you love your adopted child and understand how painful it can be when they direct their inner hurt towards you. Adopted children can unintentionally channel their past pain, fear, and uncertainty via aggressive or inappropriate behavior. Remember, it’s always okay to ask for help!


The Brook Institute’s Adoptive Parents Handbook is a great resource to help you understand your child’s perspective and provides tips, tools, and guides for how to navigate challenging situations. Based on years of Annie’s groundbreaking therapy sessions with adoptive families, this eBook contains real-world practical applications that produces visible and lasting results.


Learn To recognize and interrupt the cycle of adoption frustration and despair today!

Ebook: Attachment Therapy, a body-mind perspective

If you are supporting clients with intimacy or family issues, this book (ePub format) is a must read. It adds to your expertise when you look developmentally at the body mind influence on thoughts and behavior choices in intimacy and connection.

Here's the how to's in what you'll discover:
How to... identify and repattern early filters regarding safety and connection
Filters become shaped by experiences recorded in the bodymind
Unmet early needs create need shock, and the tools to identify and interrupt "need shock"

The neurobiology of attachment and "double bind thinking"
Tools for treatment, and methods that heal attachment wounds from the inside out
Plus 2 case studies of how these theories and methods work in real-life clinical practice.


My clinical practice experience spans over 3 decades. I've  worked with adults, children, infants, couples, and children and adults who have been adopted. There is always a story beneath the behavior, and when you can recognize, listen, and repair the tissue level of early memory, you succeed in helping someone make lasting changes in behavior. 


Wouldn't you want that for all your clients?

Power Struggles Ebook

Don't let power struggles destroy your marriage, existing family, or your sanity.


Learn the tools to de-escalate power struggles and to successfully problem solve.

  • Learn to stay in your body during conflicts
  • Deflate the puffed up "power triangle"
  • Interrupt Sneaky power and turn it into real power 
  • Learn where power struggles start and some things to do


Power Struggles can ruin the fun! Unresolved conflict gets messy, nasty, and strains the possibility of pleasure, safety, and connection between people.

Do you find yourself caught in power struggles. You feel trapped, frustrated, and fearful of behaviors continuing in your family or partnership. Maybe even at work! 


The Power Struggle Behaviors, Creating Change ebook is a great resource to help you understand your power dynamcis. It provides tips, tools, and guides for how to navigate challenging situations. Based on years of Annie’s groundbreaking therapy sessions with families, couples, and parents and children, this eBook contains real-world practical applications that produce visible and lasting results.


Learn to recognize power struggles and get off the power triangle today!

The Hidden Stories Behind Difficult Behaviors (MP3 audio file)

Help Children Overcome Behavior Problems 
Get to the root of difficult behavior. Help children relax and settle. Learn how behavior is an expression of arousal states in the brain, and why kids act out.


Learn How Early Experiences Imprint in the Brain and Drive Difficult Behavior
Annie Brook speaks to child experience. Her clinical examples demonstrate clearly how the body impressions related to birth and attachment show up in behavior. She shares her treatment methods and how to “listen” to the “telling” of such stories. Being able to recognize the early stories that live inside your child’s brain helps them to find relief, and helps them settle, focus, and learn more easily.


This MP3 audio file is for people wanting to understand people! Parents who struggle with a child’s behavior, teachers with difficult students, therapists to really help clients, and daycare workers helping children. Use this unique perspective to enjoy working with children at a deeper level, and to make parenting easier and more rewarding!


This MP3 audio file has interview questions with Dr. Brook. She helps you to:

  • Understand nameless fears and activations of your child
  • Help your child self-regulate
  • How to reduce residual shock and trauma in your child
  • Find greater ease in parenting difficulties
  • Dismantle fear imprints in your child’s imagination and body
  • Help your child integrate and process their birth experience

Birth Trauma for Parents Ebook​

Does your child have melt downs, or trouble with transitions, sensory challenges, other kids, or you?


Do they have other behaviors that puzzle you and seem out of context?

Wouldn't you love to get to the root of some of these? 

Look into the idea of Birth Trauma in my simple to follow ebook.

Sometimes there is trauma from the infant perspective even when the parents are happy about the outcome.

Getting that pre-cognitive story, before your child could walk or talk, laid to rest can help relax the brain and defense strategies (ie behavior triggers) in your child. 



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    We offer variety of resource books for parents, therapists and educators. 

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    Learn by watching. DVD's are an excellent way to learn movement patterns and train your brain. For parents, movement educators, and adults.

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    We offer online one on one client sessions for those that cant make it into our Boulder office. 

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    Our 9 Modulle Online Program integrates Somatic Attachment and Birth's Hidden Legacy. For Manual Therapists, OT’s, PT’s, and Psychotherapists.

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Depression and Anxiety, Anger, Hidden Fears, Shame, Procrastination, PTSD and Birth Trauma

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Difficult Child Behavior, Sensory-Motor Issues, Birth Trauma, Attachment Problems

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Learn how to break the Frustration Despair Cycle.

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