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What will I speak about in the livestream?

Real life!

Look at these examples of problems solved in treatment sessions...

  • Why would a 4 year old barricade herself and one other child in the classroom and have meltdowns when the teacher tried to get in?


  • Why would an adult male seek a guru over a personal connection with his children and wife?


  • How come the only thing allowing a 5 year old to relax around his mother was when we found a "child friendly" way to include the story of her abortion 10 years before this child was conceived?!



Sounds fantastic, but every story above was based on

body impressions experienced in the first 0-18 months of life. 


  • Learn how the primitive brain organizes behavior. Why the thought processes are so strong and govern the ANS system responses.


  • Discover how the emotional body has to link to the mental and physical, and how early unmet needs can shock the soul out of the body


  • Explore the tried and tested treatment methods...many based on BMC principles


  • Learn how to be an even better professional educator or practitioner




As a mover, educator, counselor, or practitioner, the body holds the story.

Now integrate the psyche with the physical practices for true change and healing with real results.

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